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Erotic portal Blog Is a relationship with a fetishist safe?

Is a relationship with a fetishist safe?

If you too are 'casual' and have concerns about your other half, who has confessed to having perhaps slightly bizarre predilections – do you have anything to fear?

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Is a relationship with a fetishist safe?

When people who for most of their lives have not had the opportunity to meet fetishists in a more intimate relationship, finally come across someone like this, they often have a lot of confusion in their minds. What worries them most is that a relationship with a fetishist will be dangerous for them in some way. If you too are ‘casual’ and have concerns about your other half, who has confessed to having perhaps slightly bizarre predilections – do you have anything to fear? We answer this question in the article below. Read it and discover if your fears are justified!

What is fetishism?

First, it should be explained what fetishism is in general. Literally speaking, fetishism is a type of paraphilia or, in medical terminology, a sexual disorder associated with a sense of arousal and sexual satisfaction in the presence of specific stimuli. In other words, it is a kind of aberration from certain sexual norms. It is sometimes impossible to have an orgasm or engage in sexual activity if a particular factor is not present. In most cases, however, when people talk about a fetish, many refer to erotic fantasies.

It is worth mentioning here that this type of medical classification is sometimes unfair to people who have such minor oddities. As a result, they suffer from, among others, social stigmatization, and a relationship with a fetishist is treated as something bad. This is due to the fact that classifying them as paraphilias, and without making much distinction, in a way places, for example, lovers of feet next to those who break the greatest taboos and laws in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.

A fetishist does not mean a mentally ill person

Favouring certain objects, body parts or behaviours does not necessarily mean that a person is suffering from a mental disorder. On a daily basis, she may be a normally functioning person with a stable job, even a family life with properly established roles at home, and have a multitude of different passions. Naturally – it happens that someone has trouble with emotional stability… but doesn’t the same apply to people who are ‘normal’ in bed?

So if you’re in a relationship or just getting into a relationship with a fetishist – remember that this is most likely a person of sound mind. What sets him apart is that his sexual needs are slightly different from most people’s, as he may need specific stimuli to become fully aroused. So avoid stigmatizing comparisons, and instead – try to understand where these needs come from.

Is it safe to live with a fetishist?

Assuming that fetishism is not fundamentally bad – you need not fear anything. Like any relationship, a relationship with a fetishist requires mutual respect between partners. Sex therefore needs to be consensual, as does the inclusion of particular games in the bedtime repertoire. You need to remember that both people with a ‘classic’ approach to physical love and those with slightly weird expectations and needs should not force something on their partner that they don’t want.

From this, the conclusion is clear. Fetishes are not to be feared (unless they are paraphilias, involving harming others – including acting against their will – and breaking the law). One should fear dishonest people, regardless of what they like to do in bed. This simple rule makes it clear that a relationship with a fetishist does not have to be dangerous, quite the opposite! It can bring much satisfaction and variety to erotic life.

Do you have to accept your partner’s fetishes?

No one has the right to force someone to have sex in one way or another. But it’s important to talk about each other’s sexual needs, to try to understand the other party, and to find compromises. It is important to remember that if there is any incompatibility in the sexual area between partners, it is not uncommon to have to break up to avoid possible disappointment and frustration. Finding a mutual position can lead to a compromise that makes both of you satisfied with your sex life. In addition, there are some very popular types of fetishes that may bring new energy into your relationship!

Find out what fetishists are thrilled about! Have a look at Love My Feet!

Do you notice that your partner becomes aroused at the sight of panties? Try to understand the underwear fetish. Do the same with any other paraphilia. Perhaps by doing so, you will find some common ground and come to an agreement on issues that have been touchy until now. Fetishism is not necessarily a hard preference, causing a guy or woman not to reach orgasm without a particular stimulus. Sometimes it simply represents a fantasy, adding variety to erotic life. And if you want to keep up to date with what fetishists are living – follow our blog on!

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Is a relationship with a fetishist safe?

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