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FetLife – review and opinion

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FetLife – review and opinion

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy your fetishes and other bawdy sexual fantasies? Would you like to meet other people willing to play together? Then you haven’t come across FetLife – a Canadian site for fetishists. It is one of the largest portals, gathering users from all over the world. For some time, we have also had FetLife in Polish, which makes it much easier for people from our country to use the site. But is this the best option that exists on the Internet? Does the service really guarantee as much fun as it advertises? Check our opinion about FetLife!

What is FetLife?

Our review of FetLife should start by explaining what the site is in general. It started out as a typical dating site for people who just didn’t want to fit into any sexual framework. Okay, and that sounds great! After all, a fetish site like this is something people need, right? Besides, on other dating sites not everyone writes about what erotic fantasies they have, focusing more on the casual side of sex, and only revealing the cards after a closer encounter. It was going to be different with FetLife. Here, everyone knew what they were potentially signing up for. They got to know each other’s dreams and preferences, so that it was immediately clear what to expect and whether a particular proposal was to their taste.

Thanks to this idea, the opinion about FetLife among many Internet users was very positive. Without worrying about their anonymity or potential criticism, they could safely talk, exchange experiences, flirt and meet for uninhibited sex. The fact that the site guarantees many options for free only further turned up the surrounding hype.

So if you like footie, lingerie sniffing, pissing or other naughty fun – theoretically you should just register on FetLife. The review, however, wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take a look at how the site has evolved. And that… has moved into social media. Yes, FetLife in Polish or English has become something resembling Facebook, only with lots of nudity and other obscene content. Is this a good thing? What is our opinionFetLife started well, but in our opinion it got lost somewhere along the way. Let’s move on, however. Here is our full review of FetLife!

FetLife at a glance

As soon as you enter the site, you’ll be greeted by a dark, mostly black and ash tones board with grey and white lettering and a red “Join FetLife” button. You will also see a short text encouraging you to register and the numbers, including:

  • number of members,
  • the amount of shared content (graphics and videos),
  • number of participants in discussions and groups,
  • total upcoming events…

… and many more. So at first glance it’s quite… modest, but in the end it’s just a board to encourage you to register. Once you decide to press that big red button, a registration form appears where you enter your nickname, gender, orientation, role in BDSM settings and other data. After that, you just need to verify your email.

Registration is basically nothing difficult, so here is a positive opinionFetlife is not too nosy when it comes to collecting data, which is definitely a good thing. And what does it look like further down the line? You can reach the service via the website, as well as the mobile app. In both cases, the layout is somewhat reminiscent of the one you’re familiar with from Facebook, although some point out that the interface, while readable, remains a little out of date. Basically, nothing should surprise you here, and all the functions are pretty well described.

FetLife advantages

What are the benefits of using this service? On the plus side, it’s definitely fast, free and easy to register. The second thing – if someone is looking for a social network for fetishists – this is it. Another advantage is definitely the application, which allows you to use the service from mobile devices. Numerous photo and video materials are also an undeniable asset. And FetLife in Polish is a great convenience.

Drawbacks of FetLife

What, on the other hand, makes the review of FetLife from users sometimes negative? Foremost, the lack of a matching algorithm. Searching for someone according to specific expectations with hundreds of thousands of users can be really troublesome. On the other hand, the layout of the website, which may be clear, could be even better. Sometimes it also happens to catch an ugly “hiccup”, i.e. it just hangs. The negative opinion of Fetlife is sometimes also due to the fact that many members do not show their face. And finally, if you don’t have a premium account – you won’t watch the videos.

FetLife – a dating or social networking site?

We mentioned above that the site has lost a bit of its identity. On the one hand, it gathers millions of fetishists from all over the world. On the other hand… does FetLife in Polish, or any other language, still help people with a less casual approach to sex to meet each other? Or has it become just another social networking platform and therefore the opinion about FetLife is sometimes mixed?

Love My Feet – an alternative to FetLife

In our opinion, the portal is not bad. However, it is possible that by focusing on developing the widest possible community, it has become a slightly bawdier Facebook. Therefore, our opinion of FetLife might be better if it remained a dating site, making it easier for fetishists to meet.

Fortunately, there are competing sites that actually help people meet for sex in a slightly different form. Without the Facebook atmosphere, but focused on chatting, exchanging experiences and meeting people. One of them is Love My Feet. It is a younger, but still a potential portal addressed to people who are not necessarily looking for publicity… but want to have fun.

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