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What is findom and what does it involve?

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What is findom and what does it involve?

Is a fetish always associated with clothing, body parts or a particular type of caress? Experienced fetishists know that it’s not just feet or being hit with a belt. Particularly sophisticated tastes often consist of certain behaviours and attitudes. This is, among others, what it looks like in the case of findom. Wondering what findom is, and what is the principle behind this deal? If the answer is positive, why don’t you read the article? Find out if such a relationship would be suitable for you, too!

What is fandom?

Let’s start with the basics, i.e. an explanation of what findom is. Some may mistake it for femdom, although – frankly speaking – this is a slight mistake. Femdom is a kind of fetish in which the woman dominates. However, it can have a variety of forms, i.e. involve specific sexual behaviours, such as pegging or whipping the partner, or making him submissive. Findom, on the other hand, is a much narrower concept, although it is included in the category of femdom (why – we will explain later). Well, that name is an abbreviation for financial domination, which is an arrangement which involves using someone else’s property to satisfy one’s own needs. The subservient partner in such a relationship makes available a certain amount of money, and in extreme situations – even the entire assets. It can therefore be defined as financial slavery.

In theoretical terms, both men and women can occupy both sides of such a relationship. In practice, however, it is usually the masters who are the slaves. This can even be seen in the terminology used in this fetish (by the way – the nomenclature is part of the game as it is abusive), which you will find out more about below.

The parties of findom – who is paypig and who is domina?

There are essentially two parties in such an arrangement. The dominant party is most often referred to as a domina, although there are also terms such as princess, queen, lady, etc., usually with a positive connotation and an element of power. The submissive party, usually occupied by a man, is termed a  ‘paying pig’ or ‘piglet’. Thus, the strictly pejorative and demeaning term is an important part of the whole fun.

What are the main ideas of findom?

You have already learnt what kind of relationship it is and what the parties to it are called… And what exactly does it involve? A lot depends on the sophistication of such an arrangement. In extreme circumstances, it is sometimes the case that a guy hands over all his assets to a lady. She, in turn, usually uses the money for her own purposes, giving the man small sums, often approaching the bare minimum. Control over how the money is spent is crucial. It’s interesting to know that it often involves more than just the money itself (or the card and bank login details online). Paypig can also satisfy other, always material, whims of his mistress, including:

  • buying her expensive gifts,
  • funding trips (usually without his participation),
  • paying for particular services.

The erotic satisfaction of findom sometimes arrives already with a single transfer. However, this is usually not enough, which is why many give away all their possessions, receiving in return a small sum, necessary for fulfilling basic needs. Sometimes even these measures are insufficient. And this is where the next element of fun begins. Paypig can ask his domina for extra money, but then he is usually made to perform some humiliating tasks.

The icing on the cake? There it is! What is related to findom is the fact that the parties to such a relationship do not have to know each other personally. Paypig often does not know what his lady looks like! And for the women who decide to step into such an arrangement, it’s a great way to make money from erotica on the internet.

The origins of findom – where this fetish comes from

You already know what fandom is. And where does it stem from? As you may have figured out – it is not one of the most popular types of fetishes. On the contrary, it can be quite rare. This is often due to the fact that it can only be afforded by men who are appropriately well positioned, with assets giving them the opportunity to realistically maintain their ladies while keeping a small amount for themselves.

The root of this fetish usually lies in self-esteem. After all, earnings and position strongly influence this aspect of life, causing, for example, those in a managerial position to have higher self–confidence than others. The greatest satisfaction for them, however,  is the feeling of being mistreated. That is why findom is an excellent way to damage their self-esteem.

Is findom secure?

The vast majority of men opt for a safer form of findom, transferring only a specific amount to the ‘queen’. However, it happens that some people become much more involved in such an arrangement, ceding control of the entire estate. This is hazardous and has already led to ruination for many. The danger is all the greater if you come across a dishonest person. It is one thing to participate in such a game, but quite another to be deceived and to be left without money or satisfaction. That is why it is worth using the best and verified portals for fetishists.

Have fun in findom safely!

Now you know what findom is, what this relationship is all about and where this predilection comes from. Is it fun for you? You have to find out for yourself. If you have such dreams, and you would like to see what it is like to be a paypig or if you are a woman willing to impersonate such a lady – here you will find a community, among whose members you will certainly meet people eager to have fun together.


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