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What is the underwear fetish?

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What is the underwear fetish?

People have all sorts of fetishes. While some are attracted by feet or just big breasts, others gloat over the natural scent of their lover’s body. Napoleon himself was to write to Josephine when he was coming back from war campaign so that she would not wash herself three days before his return. Nevertheless, one predilection is a very special one, and it will be the topic of this article. What is the women’s underwear fetish? What is it all about? Read the following article and find out for yourself.

The fetish of women’s underwear – the softness of the lace

This kind of sexual predilection should be considered from a few perspectives. The women’s underwear fetish has many facets as it depends, among others, on sensitivity to specific stimuli. However, let’s start with a definition, what it is. Underwear fetish is a type of paraphilia in which one feels a strong excitement or pleasure having available women’s lingerie. It’s time to divide this kind of fetish into several types.

The first one is connected with feeling of pleasure while touching panties, stockings or tights. Soft, tactile lace is a guarantee of completely new sensations for many men, especially when it comes into contact with their penis or other intimate areas. This is because such men show great excitability under the influence of tactile stimuli. It is them who use, for example, thongs to masturbate. However… there is also the other side of the coin – if it is women’s underwear fetish, that has been used, this is where the imagination comes into play, but also a whole new sensual experience.

Women’s underwear – the fetish for used panties and tights

Above all, the fans of panties, thongs and other items of women’s clothing by playing with them can take their imagination back to their former owner. Moreover, often the women who offer such items, supply them along with photos or videos in which they wear them while performing various bawdy activities. The man, having such a women’s underwear fetish, is able to indulge his imagination and let it completely from the leash. It frequently happens, that for many, such playing with thoughts allows them to achieve really strong sexual excitement, and even orgasm.

On the other hand, used lingerie fetish is also a wealth of olfactory sensations. Before selling such items of clothing, women often wear them for quite a long time to make them more fragrant, soaking up their secretions not only from intimate areas. After all, tights or stockings, for example, also cover feet, and lovers of their scent are in for a real treat when they can sniff them. In this case, there is also the issue of not only consciously perceived scent, but also pheromones, that put the sniffer into a type of trance, causing strong excitement.

Are you into women’s underwear? You will also find some other fetishes here!

A lot of men profess a fetish for women’s underwear. They find pleasure in contact with it, whether touching it, masturbating with its use, or even wearing or smelling it. No wonder then, there are a lot of women online, who eagerly offer their panties, thongs, socks and a lot more items of clothing for sale. And if you are also into various kinds of fetishes, LMF website is suitable for you! Check out what else you can find on it now.

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