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Erotic fantasies of men and women


Erotic fantasies of men and women

What kind of sex tastes best? Definitely the one with imagination. Mechanical “games” can be enjoyed for some time, but essentially a happy intimate life is a combination of physicality and certain ideas about it. That is why we often drift off into the world of fantasy. We frequently wander with our thoughts to other people imagining them in bed with us, or to specific games or circumstances. Are erotic fantasies a common thing? What are the most popular men’s and women’s erotic fantasies? Learn more about them! Read the article placed below.

What are erotic fantasies?

Let’s start by defining what erotic fantasies are. It’s building up ideas about sex and exciting situations. They can be entirely “everyday” as well as totally offbeat. And – in principle – even in the most extreme ones, there is nothing wrong. They are only fantasies. What’s more, everyone fantasises, with no exception. It is considered that men’s erotic fantasies are bolder than those of women, but slowly this assumption is becoming obsolete, because women, the more aware of their sexuality, the more openly they think and talk about their intimate dreams. Which fantasies are the most popular?

What women’s erotic fantasies can be?

What do ladies fantasise about? Women’s erotic fantasies can often be really extreme. They can be really gentle or extremely defiant. The softer notions of ideal sex include oral sex – both being the active and passive side. For many women, such a kind of caressing is still something outlandish, especially if they were to perform them.

Another type of fantasy is having sex with a celebrity. Lots of ladies have their favourite rock or film star, who attracts them not only by wonderful singing or acting but also physically. Women’serotic fantasies are often occupied by dressing up. Ladies like taking on the role either of their favourite character from a book, film or game.

What about rough dreams? Many chicks dream, for example, of total domination over a guy, reducing him to the role of a servant, a footman who fulfils their every wish. Another fantasy, not infrequently appearing, is rape. Research shows that among ladies imagining that are mostly the ones with conservative beliefs.

What men’s erotic fantasies are there?

You have found out a little about women’s erotic fantasies…. And what men’s erotic fantasies are? Gentlemen like dreaming about sex very naughty, and at the top of such a list there are threesomes and group sex in general. Significantly, it doesn’t necessarily consider the variant where guy would be alone with two women. In addition, many also fantasise about sex with a prostitute. It’s not even about the intercourse itself, but rather about the relationship between him and her – ready to fulfil his every whim, for a certain sum of money of course.

Guys love conquering, and the greater the challenge, the greater the excitement. Therefore, men’s erotic fantasies very often include sex with a woman who is unavailable. Dreams of a friend’s wife, for instance, are not at all uncommon. As well as of many other ladies with whom they have no chance to get close. After all – men love much more than just sex and caressing. Striptease is also very popular among their fantasies – a dance just for him. Admiring erotic dancing is a wonderful idea for the evening …. as well as for foreplay.

Fulfil your erotic fantasies with Love My Feet

Everyone fantasises about sex. After all, we all like imagining what our ideal life would be like – both everyday and in bed. Men’s erotic fantasies, as well as women’s, are sometimes extremely different. It happens quite often, that things come to mind which we might even be ashamed of. But erotic fantasies are as such and they don’t define us as individuals. Nevertheless, many of them are worth putting into practice. Sex tastes a lot better then. Would you like to find out what it’s like in a liberated world full of erotic fantasies? Check then, what can Love My Feet give you!

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