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Foot fetish – everything you need to know

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Everything you need to know about foot fetish

Although we are generally programmed to be attracted to the organs, that are directly associated with sex, many people are also excited by other parts of their partners’ bodies. Some are fixated on hair, others – quite seriously, on eyeballs. A lot of men and women also have a foot fetish. What is it? What does it involve? Does foot fetish happen often? These and other questions are answered in this article. We encourage you to read it!

Podophilia – is it common?

Let’s start with an explanation of what is foot fetish. In the simplest terms, it is sexual attraction to these body parts. People who have this type of fetish feel arousal at the sight of them, from their ankles to everything below. Not only do lovers of feet love their partners’ but also their own feet and like to perform various kinds of activities with them (e.g. massage or masturbation).

Contrary to appearances, podophilia is quite a common fetish. Both men and women have it. Sometimes it’s a pleasant addition to the overall fun a person is having. But it also happens that foot fetish is a crucial thing that triggers sexual excitement in a given man or woman. If this is the case, it is called pathological paraphilia and requires work with a professional. However, if it’s just an innocent diversion for you, there’s no need to worry. It’s completely normal.

Foot fetish– smell, touch, caress

It’s time to explain what a foot fetish is all about. The fetishist is attracted to the appearance of feet, their touch, smell and even taste. Many focus, for example, mainly on smelling the body of their partner, often expecting them to be in “after all day” condition when they are most fragrant. Others like to touch, stroke and massage feet, which is a very popular form of caressing among fetishists. It’s also a wonderful form of relaxation.

Very often fetishists also focus on the taste of feet. Hence, the numerous kisses and even licking of feet. Caressing with them can’t either be forgotten. A lot of men appreciate it when their partner is able to do a “foot job” which is simply masturbating them with her feet. On the other hand, there are some ladies who really enjoy having their vagina massaged both with the whole surface of the instep and, for instance, with the big toe.

How to live In a relationship having a foot fetish?

When living in a relationship with a person who has a foot fetish, it’s important to find some consensus first and foremost. Everyone has individual sexual and erotic needs, so the vital thing is to respect both, the needs and the borders. If both partners accept this form of diversifying their erotic life, the better for them! For some people such a predilection may be a harmless quirk, but for others, even a type of deviation. The most significant thing, however, is not to judge the partner. It’s always worth talking about it. From the discussion about sex in a relationship very often emerges something really positive.

Website Love My Feet – a perfect place for foot fetishists and more

Are you also turned on by foot fetish? We understand you perfectly. Therefore, if you are looking for a friendly place for fetishists, join the fans of Love My Feet right now. The website offers a lot of opportunities for lovers of various kinky fantasies and fetishes. Browse our website now and find out more about other paraphilias and explore the options our website offers you! You are welcome!

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