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Erotic portal Blog How to arouse and satisfy a foot fetishist?

How to arouse and satisfy a foot fetishist?

This concerns long-term life partners as well as people meeting for casual sex. And you? Do you know how to do it? And how to satisfy a footfetishist? We invite you to read now!

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How to arouse and satisfy a foot fetishist?

Foot fetish is by far one of the most popular preferences in the world. Both women and men feel arousal at the sight of and in closer contact with this part of the body. However, it happens that some people do not know how to arouse a foot fetishist. This concerns long-term life partners as well as people meeting for casual sex. And you? Do you know how to do it? And how to satisfy a footfetishist? We invite you to read now!

Podophilia – a normal thing

Many people often wonder whether podophilia is normal. This is due to the fear that it may be regarded as something distasteful or incorrect. However, it is worth realizing what fetishes are and where they come from, as well as the fact they are typically rooted in the human subconscious. It is no different with this predilection. So to know how to excite a foot fetishist, and what’s more – how to satisfy a foot fetishist, it is necessary to know the genesis of the attraction to this particular part of the body.

In this case, it is not even a matter of associating sexual impulses, but of anatomy. There are many nerve endings on the feet, connecting directly to various organs. For a foot fetishist, the caress itself  – both passive and active, can be associated with strong sensations. On the other hand, feet are fragrant, and their scent positively influences arousal, which is connected with another, quite popular fetish – fixation on body scent.

All of this, in turn, is perfectly normal. And now that you know that, see how to excite a foot fetishist and finally – bring him to ecstasy!

Ask your partner how he/she like your feet

Does the question sound strange? Not necessarily! Each lover of feet likes them in a slightly different “edition”. While one enjoys seeing and touching their neat toes and bunions, others prefer them to be more “natural”, i.e. without painted nails, for example. So talking openly about what kind of feet your other half likes will be an important clue.

Put on tights or stockings

Erotic lingerie is always a great way to turn up the atmosphere in the bedroom. Also, when someone is a foot fetishist. This is because he first has to “get” to them, for example, by breaking through tights or stockings. If he’s also fixated on them, he’s got a great bonus in the form of women’s underwear, which is sure to get him more aroused. And don’t be surprised if he starts sniffing it! Read more about what the underwear fetish is all about on our blog.

Let him caress them and massage him with them

If you’re wondering how to satisfy a foot fetishist, just let him act. Your feet are the best gift for him. He’ll kiss them, stroke them, massage them… maybe he’ll want to do something more with them. If you don’t mind – just let him do this, but on the other hand… don’t be a passive part of this game either. There are techniques for masturbating with your toes as well as the soles of your feet that are just as effective as playing with your hands. Look online for inspiration.

Want more advice? Check out our website!

The above tips are the bare minimum instructions on how to excite a foot fetishist, but in many cases it will be a great introduction to your playtime. Foremost, even if it seems a bit weird to you, don’t judge your partner. After all, it’s just about innocent play. And if you still have questions or doubts – explore Love My Feet, a portal for fetishists and sex lovers in general.

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