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Podophilia – is it normal?


Podophilia – is it normal?

We fantasise about totally different things. Some guys constantly think of breasts while others are attracted to wide or shapely, but beautifully sculpted bottoms. Ladies, on the other hand, usually dream of broad chests and sizeable biceps. Some of them fixate on a penis size. There is, however, a group of men and women who focus on a particular part of the body – feet. They are called podophiles. What is podophilia? And is podophilia normal? If you are looking for answers to these questions, we encourage you to read the article.

What is podophilia?

It is worth defining this notion at the outset. What is podophilia? It’s nothing more than a foot fetish, that is, feeling sexual attraction towards this part of the body. Podophiles love them almost for everything – shape, smell and taste. That’s why they often sniff, leak, kiss and massage them. A lot of couples, who know what podophilia is and like indulging in it, introduce various kinds of caressing with the use of feet – starting with massaging to intimate areas stimulation. How skilful they can be, and how much pleasure they can give, is often quite a surprise!

The foot fetish concentrates on these parts of the body from the ankle down. So, some may fixate more on toes, while others on the sole. It’s worth adding that this attraction concerns not only the body parts themselves, but also some objects associated with them. It’s mainly socks, tights and shoes. After all, they absorb the scent of feet, and for fetishists the possibility of inhaling it is often a very strong erotic stimulus.


Who most often has a foot fetish and where does it come from?

There are many indications that it is mostly men who feel attracted to feet. It’s obvious that ladies’ feet tend to be sleeker and smaller, which many find really appealing. On the other hand, ladies themselves fantasise about being caressed with their partners’ feet. It’s, after all, completely different experience from that some may offer with their hands or tongues. They may also be associated with a kind of man’s domination over a woman, which is a very strong erotic stimulus.

Now you know what podophilia is. However, where does it come from? It can be explained in two ways. The first is the explanation characteristic of most fetishes. Simply, at some stage of puberty, the person feeling attracted to this part of the body must have begun to associate it with sexual stimulus. Therefore a link between the excitement and the feet developed. Nonetheless, there is another explanation that some neuroscientists suggest. Both feet and intimate areas are represented in the sensory cortex of the brain by adjacent areas, which would also explain the popularity of this fetish.

Is podophilia normal?

We already know what podophilia is. But is podophilia normal? Taking into consideration all explanations mentioned above – it definitely IS. Moreover, it’s worth remembering, that rigid frames concerning things we are attracted to are absolutely unrealistic. Wanting to fit sex into certain “norms” is as successful as putting out a fire with petrol. It all stems from the extremely complex nature of human beings and the differences between individuals. So if you are wondering whether podophilia is normal – by all means yes! And if you are looking for an ideal place for fetishists – Love My Feet is waiting for you!

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