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The most popular kinds of fetishes


Popular kinds of fetishes

Fetishes are a normal part of erotic life. Every human being has something of a fetishist in them and has certain preferences that make sexual excitement easier or stronger. What are the most popular types of fetishes? You will find out in the article below. Read it then and learn whether your tastes are also included there!

Fetish has more than only one name

To discuss the most popular fetishes and their types, they need to be divided into several categories. The first one is connected with certain objects, often even unusual in terms of eroticism. The second one is parts of the body – some people fixate on particular organs more than others. In the third group there are specific sexual games, including positions, ways of caressing, etc. Finally, there are various kinds of fetishes based on the type of behaviour of the partner, i.e. whether they are, for example, more dominant, submissive or playing a certain role.



Now, when we have already discussed fetishes and types of categories they belong to, it is time to say something more about specific kinds. Podophilia is definitely one of the most popular. If you like feet, it applies to you. It involves, among other things, sniffing, stroking, kissing, but also stimulating of intimate places with the feet.

Clothes fetish

Another common fetish is the attraction to women’s clothing. Actually, they are different types of fetishes, including underwear (specific types of stockings or panties, skirts, dresses, trousers and everything else). A lot of men love footwear – many of them, for example, feel a strong excitement when they see stiletto heels or high boots on slender legs.


It’s quite common, yet functioning on the edge of the law. Why? Because sex in public places is forbidden! It falls under, among others, the sections on public exposure and probably some would still put it under demoralization. This doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people like to come out not so much the bedroom, but the house to have intercourse in a car park, a shopping centre or anywhere else. A very strong impact here, has the catch factor, it’s the thought, that someone could catch the frolicking couple at their games. It makes the atmosphere more exciting!


You have already learned about the different types of fetishes related to a place, parts of the body and an object … it is time for you to learn more about what forms of activity are considered to be parphilias. One of the most popular games, adding spice to erotic life, is vouyerism. Such fetishists like to peep at another couple at play through a keyhole or a crack in the door, for example. Some time ago, there were even some special clubs created for lovers of this fetish, that offered rooms with peepholes.

As many people, as many types of fetishes!

Above, you could find out more about what types of fetishes are considered the most popular, or at least some of them. In addition to these, we can mention pissing (urine fetish), graviditophilia (a taste in pregnancy belly), trichophilia (fixation on hair) and many more. Even if two people enjoy playing with their feet, they often differ in the way they want to play with them. Some people prefer to massage their intimate areas with their toes, while others just focus on sniffing. Do you want to figure out how different fetishes are? Browse Love My Feet now and experience the best fetish website ever!

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