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What are fetishes and where do they come from?

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What are fetishes and where do they come from?

Everyone has a kind of fetish, but not everyone is aware that they are one. However, human nature, especially sexual, is so complex and varied that it is difficult to conform to any norms. Many people wonder what exactly fetish is. In this article, a closer look at this issue will be taken. We will also tell you where fetishes come from or rather – what are the conjectures of scientists. If you are the one, who wants to learn more about this matter, feel encouraged to read!

What is a fetish?

Let’s start from the beginning – what is a fetish? Some time ago it was the name given to objects of religious reverence, objects of worship. Nowadays, it retains its original meaning, however, it is far more often used in the context of a person, an object or behaviour causing strong sexual excitement. Sexologists call fetishes paraphilias distinguishing between pathological and non-pathological.

Translating into human terms, it’s a deviation from certain social norms that apply in the community. Or at least that’s how they are officially referred to. It is because sex is an entirely individual matter and taboo subject, which even the representatives of Western societies, which are more open than, for instance, Polish ones, are reluctant to speak about. It happens, that someone doesn’t even know what a fetish is, and still they indulge in it!

Where do fetishes come from?

Scientists are still arguing about where fetishes come from. The most common view says that they develop from the childhood stage, and most strongly during adolescence. This is because the person who enters adulthood associates a particular stimulus or object with sexual excitement. Owing to the combination of two stimuli, for example, nudity with erotic lingerie or with particular games, or masturbation with a kind of type of erotica breeds a fetish.

Are fetishes normal?

You already know what they are, and more or less where fetishes come from. The question is, however, are they normal? But what are norms in sex? Is it normal for someone to have close-ups only in the missionary position? Or does it extend to, for example, the position from behind, cow-girl or oral sex? When it comes to human nature, it is difficult to talk about.

In what respect? For most people, fetish is the way to add variety to their erotic life. Just some fun with feet or erotic lingerie as something that adds spice. It is worse when a particular factor becomes crucial not so much for achieving an orgasm, but for arousal in general. In such situations they are considered pathological paraphilias, because they may have adverse effects on sexual functions. In such a case, it is worth seeking help from a specialist.

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